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Something about Luiano

After the first fermentation our wines are constantly monitored and processed to enhance the freshness of their fruity taste and to preserve their aromatic complexity.

Let's Sport at Luiano

If you are addicted to cycling and running, you can not miss the paths among the vineyards of Luiano.

If you are passionate about cycling, you can not not know the famous climb that leads from ferrone of a Luiano, rain or snow, it's scorching heat or spring, there is no day that this road is not traveled by cyclists, amateur and otherwise.

You can find several segments where compare yourself with others,the Luiano climb it is a very popular challenge . We will be delighted to welcome you for a visit and tasting at the end of your workout, call us and book your wine tour.

Luiano long: https://www.strava.com/segments/743614

Luiano segment around impruneta: https://www.strava.com/segments/743614

Street Luiano: https://www.strava.com/segments/10612414

Running through the vineyards is a unique experience, false floors are challenging, but the reward for the view it's definitely worth.

Starting from Luiano you can easily reach the village of Mercatale and back for a total of 6 km round trip, you can run on the road or run through the vineyards.

We recommend you start with a brisk walk to deal with the live initial climb, and then begin to increase the pace towards the beautiful vineyard of Pianacci and make a long session until the arrival of the country (where if you want you can stop and enjoy a tasty reward in the historical shops).