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The origins


Luiano has been a place of wine and olive oil production since the ninth century. In the late middle ages this landmark was chosen by a noble family, allied with the Medici, to build a beautiful villa and farm. Over the years Luiano has belonged to several of the most renown families of Florence including the Mellini Borromei and the Strozzi.


Alberto’s first steps as a vintner and a wine maker were very innovative. He immediately abandoned the mixed agricultural system that used to characterize all the farms in that period of time and focused on cultivating vines only. Alberto’s goal was to produce and distribute bottled wine of the highest quality.


In the late nineties after Alberto passed away, Antonio, Alberto’s son, decided to quit his white collar job in a bank to fully dedicate himself to his father’s lifetime passion. In 1996, Antonio began an intense renewal of the vineyards and the winery’s equipment to set up the farm for the endeavors of the modern wine business.


Today Luiano is a dynamic family owned winery, fully focused on producing jovial and enjoyable wines. Both Alessandro and Felicia, Antonio’s son and daughter share their father’s passion for Luiano.


An ancient legend tells of how Janus, the Roman God with two faces, chose as his home the forest that lies at the top of the hill, and that from the river Greve reaches Val di Pesa, the valley of Pesa. In Janus's honor the forest was named Lucus Iani, which in Latin means the Janus Wood.


In 1959 Alberto Palombo, textile merchant from Naples, became the owner of Luiano. Alberto and his wife, Licia were so enchanted by Luiano and its history that they decided to buy the property to carry on its long lasting tradition of vine growing and wine making.


1980 Luiano goes to the USA and beyond In 1980, Alberto met Mr Hubert Opici, a pioneer and legend of the US wine import business. Today their respective grandsons are still working together, testifying to the solidity of the Luiano-Opici relationship. This is how the first bottles of Luiano were imported to America. Soon after Luiano started to be distributed in other parts of the world today our wines are available from Tokyo all the way to San Francisco and imported in more than 30 countries.


In 2003, the third generation of the Palombo family became involved in running the winery... Alessandro, Antonio’s son joined his father in running the winery. Antonio taught him all he knew about the job but most of all passed on to his son the passion and the sense of belonging that ties Luiano to the Palombo family.

To be continued...

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